EMBER was founded by Linda and Bill Tumbleson to fulfill a mission. They decided to leverage their combined experience in medical billing, software and information management, and business consulting to create a company that filled an obvious need. Linda had become distressed during her dealings with medical billing companies. With experience on both sides, she saw repeated events showcasing the billers’ lack of concern for their clients. Situations where missed charges were simply written off by the biller, or claims skipped in favor of more rewarding charges.

The money that practices were losing was staggering to Bill when Linda discussed her concerns, and together they decided to address the situation. EMBER was the product of that decision, created to provide the service that practices deserve. A medical biller that provides integrity, hard work, and a helping hand. You have enough hurdles in making your business successful. You need someone who understands that every claim is important. That every rejection is just as important, because every dollar could be the difference between success and failure.

EMBER stands for Evolutionary Medical Billing: Exceptional Results. It’s not just our name, it’s also our motto. We believe in providing medical billing that evolves with our clients and the medical billing field. We understand that every business must constantly evolve to continue to grow, and we are here to help you evolve your business to meet your goals. Our focus on integrity means that every client is handled with professional care and a drive to capture every dollar the practice is owed. EMBER ensures every client receives what they deserve; exceptional results.

EMBER Medical Billing was founded to help practices optimize their revenue without facing the hurdles of hiring and training new staff. EMBER is uniquely suited to help any medical practice as we have more than 50 years of total experience in medical offices, billing services, managing consultants, and working with EHR/PM systems.

Medical Practices face many hurdles to their success, and one of the largest obstacles is the medical financial environment! EMBER was founded with the belief that medical practices have enough to focus on without having to worry about filing deadlines and constantly changing regulations. We provide exceptional service and accurate filing with minimum rejections! We constantly review our procedures for improvement, and invest in training to ensure our staff is aware and compliant with all regulations and changes.

EMBER was created to fill an obvious need. Processing and filing claims, posting payments, processing rejections, and recovering unpaid accounts is time consuming and arduous! Hiring staff to handle it can be just as stressful, when you even consider how many times you’ll go through the interview process to find the right dedicated individual!

What if there was a company that worked exclusively in the field to provide amazing service focused on accuracy and professionalism? What if that same company dedicated their efforts to building a partnership with every client, based on hard work and open communication? What if they realized becoming the best in the medical financial field means proving it every day with every client? Then medical practices could increase their profits and decrease their workloads! EMBER was founded to be that company, leveraging over 50 years of experience in the sector to provide great solutions for any medical practice. We take pride in our service, and we are happy to prove ourselves at every chance: in every claim, on every call, for every partnership. We strive to be the best because you deserve it.

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Linda Tumbleson

Linda brings over 30 years of experience in the medical management and billing fields, in positions such as EDI specialist/manager, Office manager, and Project manager. She was also the A/R manager for a nationally recognized billing organization. Linda brings an unique vision to the business with her diverse experience; her ability to view situations from multiple sides often provides the key to the problem. Before organizing EMBER Medical Billing, Linda spent 10 years training practices across the country on the use of EMRs and practice management systems. She implemented an EMR system for a hospice group in Austin, Texas, including training for the staff, nurses, social workers, and chaplains. Linda provides the focus and experience to constantly evolve the company to meet the needs of our clients.

“We are in business to make our clients successful, only then can we claim success.”


Bill Tumbleson

Bill brings more than 30 years of experience in business and software management, including the position President of Lab Answer. He has provided his understanding of businesses and Laboratory Information Management Systems as consultant for several companies including: Thermo Fisher Scientific, LabWare, and LabSystems. Bill decided it was time to step into the medical billing arena with his partner Linda to address the need they saw in the field: a company that worked for their client instead of themselves. His belief in hard work and honest talk is exhibited throughout the company culture. Bill brings an understanding of the complexity of running a business along with his knowledge of managing offices. Bill recognizes the most fundamental part of any service provider; no matter the industry, the client is paramount. Never take them for granted, and always provide exceptional results.

“I don’t want satisfied clients, I want raving fans!”

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