We believe in providing services that evolve with our clients and the medical billing field. That is why we provide so much more than “just” billing services.

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Too Many Headaches?

Are you tired of the constant changes to billing process? Do you have time to retrain your staff for every new regulation? Do you have sleepless nights wondering what changes are coming next? When you’re ready to lose some of the stress of the office, we are the team to talk to!

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Hate the term outsource? We do too! When you work with EMBER, you’re not sending your billing across the ocean! Our aim is to provide a smoother experience than an in-house biller, minus all of the headaches. We are simply another resource for you to utilize to keep your practice as successful and productive as possible!

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HIPAA concerns?

Changes come suddenly and often with little warning, belying the impact they make on your practice. EMBER prides itself on staying at the forefront of HIPAA developments and new regulations so you don’t have to. We maintain HIPAA compliancy and make sure our clients are aware of any changes that affect their practice.

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Evolutionary Billing!

EMBER provides a billing service that goes above and beyond for our clients. We work every claim, every rejection, every collection, and provide you with regular reports so you always know the financial status of your business. We are constantly evaluating our processes for opportunities to improve our service. The world doesn’t sit still, neither should you. Join us!

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Medical Billing can be the dungeon of any practice, where money is left forgotten and out of sight for a variety of reasons.. EMBER avoids these pitfalls with rigorous training, strong work ethics, and a dedication to accuracy.

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EMBER offers more than just medical billing services. We are designed to help practices through all the hurdles of the medical billing field including: front office setup, software leasing, provider contracting, and provider credentialing.

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“Partnering with EMBER has been the missing piece to BACH’s billing puzzle. We operate two programs, one of which is very complex. They have guided BACH in making needed changes and improvements, provided feedback, and have been open to our constant stream of questions. Having not billed for an ECI program before, they took it upon themselves to participate in training that helped them better understand the nuances of what we do and the many layers of billing we face that are well outside the norm for medical billing. Even with all of those wonderful attributes, my absolute favorite part of EMBER is the response time and quality of responses to me when I reach out. Without fail, within moments, someone is responding to me. They have spent hours with us helping us fine tune our process. EMBER is personal in their approach and genuinely cares about our success. I will always be thankful for this partnership.”

Leigh Ann – Executive Director – Angleton, Texas

“I was excited to hear that Linda Tumbleson is starting EMBER Medical Billing and I am looking forward to working with EMBER over the next year. Linda has been providing my billing services almost since the inception of my business. Linda is diligent, has great attention to detail, and carries a deep understanding of the challenges and processes required in the billing process. Because of her expertise we have come from having a barely visible revenue stream to one that is very healthy today.”

Scott – Physical Therapy – Austin, TX

“Ember Medical Billing provided our office with excellent, professional, claims processing.  They are very knowledgeable regarding the billing process, ICD-10 and CPT coding. Ember billing handled our claims in a very timely fashion using secure, HIPAA compliant processes.  Linda was able to assist us with appealing a few very complex claims with great results.  Phone calls and emails are always returned the same day and often within the hour.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ember Medical Billing to any office seeking medical billing.”

Michele – Plastic Surgery – Houston, TX

“Hiring Ember created more time for my staff to do what they’re best at AND increased our collections! I’d highly recommend them to any office!”

Alexia – Chiropractor – Greeley, Colorado


Your ultimate resource for insights and knowledge about the world of medical billing.

September 8, 2023

The financial ramifications of HIPAA compliance can sometimes create challenging hurdles for medical practices. Today, we’ll explore these potential pitfalls and introduce you to a game-changing solution, EMBER, that can help you avoid these financial traps while staying HIPAA compliant.

August 29, 2023

EMBER strives to provide an excellent rejection and denial management service so that our providers have the peace of mind knowing that we are shepherding their claims through the process to ensure proper payment.  So, how does the process of managing rejections and denial impact the revenue of a medical practice?

August 17, 2023

Medical billing is a critical component in the healthcare industry. However, it can be complex and time-consuming, detracting from your focus on patient care. If you are contemplating a change, here are your next steps for a smoother outsourcing experience


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